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After the release of my devastating article, the pushover John Kerry backtracks and scrambles to excuse his attempted bullying of Israel, pretending that he did not attempt to pressure Israel into a surrender,… i mean ceasefire… 

The Proof.

by saying it was Netanyahu’s idea. Though this is clearly and a well documented lie, (yes Netanyahu may have raised the idea of a certain type of ceasefire with security guarantees, not the kerry-qatari-turkish Israeli surrender)… it’s now public record…. Bibi the US is NOT pressuring you into a ceasefire…


(wishing I could say it in Tzanchan parlance… “After me!!!!”)

It is very nice to see that our American friends quickly came down on the Obama administration for their dishonorable behavior. We are most honored and appreciative. The international pressure that Israel seems so fixated on, is actually much worse by the dragging out of the conflict. We should not be attempting to bomb Gaza into submission, which causes more civilian casualties, more international condemnation, and FAILS.

The IDF must be given the flexibility to operate, nd be given a clear mandate to occupy the Gaza Strip, and dismantle Hamas. This order will not only bring a quicker end to the conflict, but also something called “victory” something that used to be sought out when engaged in war pre-1990’s.

Failure to do this will bring defeat, and lingering in the purgatory of “in between” will raise the body count on both sides, as the IDF’s troops are exposed to ambush, anti tank missiles, mortar fire and tunnel incursions. The US pressure has publicly been alleviated, the Israeli public is steadfast behind the government and the troops, Hamas must be crushed; otherwise we deserve neither the forgiveness of History nor of the soldiers who have so bravely laid down their lives.

Naftali Bennett, Avigdor Lieberman, Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon, please don’t let the cabinet break!!


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