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Hussein Obama, Biden, Pelosy and the rest of the Democrats are celebrating their huge “Victory”…

Over who exactly? That a party that controls all three relevant bodies, the House, the Senate and the Executive (president) should be able to easily pass whatever bills they wish.

It is actually incredible that it was so difficult for a party that controls the entire government, when they are in no need to get a single Republican vote, to pass a law so central to the administration.

It is shocking that it is so obviously bad, verbose, grotesque, against the American way of life, and potentially destructive to the United States that so many of the president’s own fellow Democrats could not bring themselves to vote for this virtually irreversible surrender to socialism.

But through cajoling, threatening, bribing, lobbying, pressuring and dubious parliamentary tactics they were able to shove this bill down the throats of the American people against their will, and have their great “Victory”

Their victory is a personal victory over men who would stand opposed to the destruction of their country, but it is no victory over any enemy nor evil (quite the opposite, its a victory against a great value of freedom), nor a Victory for the people or the country.

It’s nothing more than the victory of one man who has always resented his country, to edge the name Barak Hussein Obama on the pages of its history.


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