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Get the word out there.. Share, link, call, email, post,…Remind…  Vote for Mr Gingrich. For he nears the “make it or break it”  time.. and all the regrets in the world will not later bring him back.


This opportunity happens few times in a lifetime. Any registered Republicans in the Super Tuesday states… We have a chance at nominating an Intellectual powerhouse, a man with the courage to state his beliefs clearly, be them that the “Palestinian” people are an invented people (for the purposes of of taking land from the Jewish state), or that the government regulations trying to solve every problem under the sun have actually deprived the American people of their Gd given freedom and ability to prosper.


A man with the moral clarity to face our enemies, and stand by our friends.


A conservative, not driven to his beliefs simply by his religion or socioeconomic background (Santorum and Romney), but from deeply understood Intellectual conclusions.  A lover of freedom, of America, of her allies, of liberty with all its ups and downs and a patriot who wishes to preserve those freedoms with all the courage necessary to do so.


A man confident in his beliefs, because he has thought about them, argued them, struggled to reach them, and then defend them all his life. A man not plagued by lack of confidence in his path… Newt also is a man not unable to change his mind when the evidence points differently.


He is not a perfect man, as none of us are, and his personal life is constantly attacked since there is little to attack in his ability, intellect, or policies, but he isn’t running for Mr Rogers, he is running for President.


His personal flaws pale in comparison to the ones of the current office holder, or the perjury skirt chasing, drug taking, draft dodging Presidents of the past (Bill, who was and remains quote popular)… Newt’s flaws are totally in the realm of private personal family matters, which with age he seems to have outgrown as the strength of his marriage and family  can easily be seen.


Washington insiders of both parties quake at the thought of him President. While Romney’s advisors dress him in the morning and move his mouth with strings to achieve his squeaky clean fakeness, Newt’s traditional campaign managers and consultans resigned in mass because Newt was determined to run a different campaign. He (perhaps wrongly) believes in the power of the American people to choose correctly, based on facts, on ideas, on records, on  history, on honor, and not on handouts to the various self interests groups and inaccurate sound bites posted all over cable Television.


The establishment, a corporatism/socialist hybrid Kraken trembles at the thought of a man in power who not only wishes to destroy them (as holders of power over others, and to enrich them as holders of their own freedom as citizens), but also actually has the knowledge, experience and will to do so.


The tools at the hands of the Kraken are many and easy to use, the media can easily reduce any candidate to satire… to mock the very fact they even think they can run for President, while entertain with seriousness (even while pretending to question or disagree in the name of “fairness”) the positions of those they deem “acceptable”.


People have the government they deserve, the American people have a chance to unleash the American spirit, dormant for decades, into another age of American prosperity, supremacy and liberty. That power is not in New’ts hands, its always been in the people’s hands, but he is the only candidate which will legalize using it.





If you like Romney as a traditional Republican – he is not, he is fake, has no experience at the Federal level, was a mediocre governor with liberal positions (that he blames on being governor of a liberal state), and his busiess accument is not what its cracked up to be either. All high finance, knows little about actually running a business and a hard day’s work. Has as many business failures as sucesses. Newt is a traditional Republican in the sense that since the 80s brought the GOP forward culmanting in the convservative revolution as Speaker of the House. So vote Newt.


If you like Santorum and think he is a real cocial conservaitve, keep in mind that besides his very freshmanness and lack of experience, he is very anti capitalist, a unionist pro-labor liberal. He is a “poor man’s” conservative much like Pat Buchanan. More motivated by realigion and/or intolerance then anything else. Newt is a true conservative, economically and in ever way. Had the courage to say social engineering of the right is just as bad as the left, he doesn’t want social engineering by the government. Remember the other social conservatives, like Rick Perry and Herman Caine, supported Newt. So Vote Newt.


If you like Ron Paul — Hard to say anyone can compete with Ron Paul in love of liberty. The thing is that the very next spot after Ron on the liberty, freedom, capitalism scale is held by Newt. Unlike Ron, he has a chance to win, most imoprtantly, unlike Ron, he understands the strength (ie army) it takes to secure those liberties. Ron paul loves freedom so much he forgets it isn’t free. And it isn’t a religion or magic in itself, it is a real goal that must be maintained and defended like all things agaisnt the onslaught of reality. So vote Newt


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