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Most of what needed to be explained about the situation in Gaza, was articulately put previously….


But here as the danger of Bibi accepting a shameful ceasefire loomed – even worse a French-Qatari Ceasefire (is there any worse kind), it seems at the 11th hour, Bibi declared the  negotiations failed, and it just may be the beginning of the real operations! I certainly hope so, and hope the enemy was caught off guard. As of writing, no news agency that I can find is reporting any operations underway, though I have a feeling they just may be.

There are also reports of US warships approaching Israel, something interesting is going on… Are they here simply to evacuate US citizens? In case of regional escalation? To check Iran’s, Hezbollah’s and Syria’s (and Turkey’s) possible response? Just in case? A pre-arranged plan that includes taking out Iran’s nuclear program?

Or did Obama actually send these to threaten Israel or perhaps attempt to break the Gaza blockade in collusion with Egypt’s Morsi? I would like to think the latter one is impossible, even for a President and un-American and hostile to Israel as Obama is.

We shall soon find out…


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