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Yahoo News finally caved and posted this article on their home page.

When to the very last minute, data indicated that Newt holds a lead in both critical southern states today, they had no chance but to post inforation stating so (as to not appear completely blnidsided if the results come to fruition). But a quick perusal, of the last couple of week’s headlines would lead anyone to believe Newt was not even running anymore.

The reporting sounded like Alabama and Mississippi were clearly being contested by Romney and Satorum only, while there was in fact a third trailing cadidate… Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich was hardly mentioned, despite the (albeit scarce) polling data showing he was a front runner in both Southern States.

It is more irrefutable evidence of the desperation the mainstream media has in derailing New’ts campaign. They can handle an all too socially conservative (easy to scare off voters) Santorum who in fact is well to the economic left of any real mainstream conservative candidate (very pro-union, and a sort of Pat Buchanan Republican), and they can definitely handle a Mitt Romney, who for all his talk of being an “outsider” could teach a high level course on being a rehearsed, polling data driven, adviser-led moderate establishment candidate… but they dread a Newt Gingrich.

Let us hope for good results here, on to Louisiana, and Texas.  Oh, and it wouldn’t help if Hawaii and Guam got their act together and helped out a bit too. Oh, and please Santorum, drop out and endorse Newt for the good of your country (as you keep asking Newt to do).


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  1. Alexa Kestecher says:

    good stuff erik!

  2. Roland says:

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