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As I indicated here, I waited with anticipation to hear Bill’s speech, as the Obama team probably waited in terror. More on that shortly, but a stark contrast is apparent.

Bill Clinton is the most superior Democrat in the last 50 years… and the major reason (besides his slick willy-ness) is because he is not really a Democrat.. he is not man with convictions, or with ideology, he is as much left as right, a man who believes only that he believes in nothing…

I would take that over obama any day, a man who knows nothing but instead believes in everything (that is wrong). Obama would burn america to ashes if he knew one more billionaire suffered because of him or one more enemy nation prospered at the expense of the country he leads.

Bill and Obama are universes apart, while one lacks the character and integrity one should have to be the leader of the free world while being a guy you would love to share a beer with, the other despises that very same free world, and if he but spoke his mind, you would ask him in no uncertain terms to leave your bbq and not share your beer.


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