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The LA Times is reporting Russia as stating:

We don’t think that for us Romney will be an easy partner…

said Pushkov, an ally of President Vladimir Putin.

Back when Obama first took office after George W Bush, Obama showed unprecedented weakness in betraying the eastern European states all reaching towards NATO and the West and bending to Putin’s will. He cancelled the missile defense umbrella set up by the Bush administration, making the US’s word look worthless in the world and left Eastern Europe to the Kremlin;s tentacles.

Georgia was invaded, the Polish President died in a mysterious plane crash, while the voters of Ukraine in fear deposed the pro-western administration and installed the corrupt pro-Kremlin faction. Similar scenarios played out throughout the former Soviet Republics and Eastern Europe.

When Putin was asked in 2009 if he liked Obama after he had bent to his every wish and “reset” Russian US relations, Putin repeatedly stated that he missed his “friend George [Bush]”. The media and the left were highly confused by this, and wandered what stratagem this was. They could not understand that Putin simply respected Bush as a worthy adversary and had no such respect for Obama.  Yes, he will do what he pleases with Obama, and it will help him obtain HIS goals, a task that was checked uder the Bush administration, but this does not mean Putin will  respect or like Obama. He may however, prefer him in the White House of course.

A few years later, it seems that Putin and the Russians have gotten quite used to doing whatever they want and having a weak leader in the White House. Putin has been quoted by the media as “lecturing” Obama, and Obama was unwittingly picked up by an open microphone begging Medvedev for patience and to ask Putin for more time, since he would have much more “flexibility” after his re-election. Audio here.

Respect or not, it is hard to give up a puppet like that in the White House and exchange it for one who might actually do his patriotic duty in safeguarding the interests of the United States and world freedom. Therefore, the Russians are weary of exactly that, and have voiced their concern of a Romney Presidency. Pushkov continued:

We don’t think that for us Romney will be an easy partner,” said Pushkov, an ally of President Vladimir Putin. “We think that Romney will be, on the rhetorical side, a replay of the Bush administration.

Pushkov finished with a threat clearly meant at US voters and an attempt to influence the election to Russia’s benefit:

If he is serious about this, I’m afraid he may choose the neocon-type people…In the first year of his presidency, we may have a full-scale crisis

Russia is increasingly influential in geopolitics, giving the ultimate word on whether Iran can be stopped, Assad deposed and all other major issues. Eastern Europe and all of central and Western Eurasia are Russia’s back yard once again with regimes existing solely on Putin’s approval. Russia is expanding its rights aggressively in Oil and Natural Gas claims, shaping the long term planning of strategic pipelines across the world, and once again expanding and upgrading its dilapidated military. Political opponents such as Yukos founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky languish in jail (with the sum of Obama’s efforts on that matter was the meekly stated “t does seem odd to me that these new charges, which appear to be a repackaging of the old charges, should be surfacing now, years after these two individuals have been in prison and as they become eligible for parole”), and cronies enrich themselves beyond measure. Perhaps most importantly, Putin bypassed the fledgling constitution and democratic conventions of the emerging post-Soviet Russia to once again be master and autocrat of an empire, also to not a whimper from the White House.

Perhaps most strikingly, Putin is always hedging his bets, and realizing that Obama may not win the reelection or simply not wanting to wait for his “flexibility”, in highly charged overt military threat that would have been brazen and rare even at the height of the Cold War, Putin warned the west of a preemptive strike if they do not get their way. Preemptive Strike

It is no surprise then, that as much as Mr Putin respected his worthy adversary George W Bush, he would much rather keep on respecting him and not have to deal with him (or anyone like him) again… Obama is much easier.  He doesn’t ask to be respected, he doesn’t ask for much at all, just to be given “more time” until after the election to hand over the rest of the US’s vital interests.

Apparently Obama figures, these pesky outdated patriotic voters who “cling to their guns or religion” apparently would be upset by this selling out and be inclined not to vote for him.  So… AFTER the election is good enough… and the Russian administration is playing along, doing their part to scare the voter into voting Obama… they have been promised too much to lose!

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