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Urged by friends for a long time to put my thoughts in a public forum, I am happy to finally have done so in The Lighthouse.

I think you will find a perspective and viewpoints not often expressed in the mainstream and hope you are interested, intrigued, angered, informed or entertained. Blessed by rich experiences, fortunate close acquaintance with the wise, and a lifelong love of knowing and thought, I luckily have had the opportunity to see things from an angle most do not.

You will find older posts here without their original commentary and discussion unfortunately as the blog is new. However the post dates are accurate, as these posts were originally posted as “Notes” on my Facebook account simply for friends to read. The Notes attest to the accuracy of the post dates. I invite you to browse these still relevant topics and by all means, share, comment, discuss, agree or dissagree.

The Lighthouse is to be an engaging forum, and all are welcome to contribute Comments immediately, and I will also from time to time consider posts from worthy authors. Feel free to contribute.

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