Coronavirus April 2020 Updates

Share the Light  Tweet          Note: Includes April 5 and further updates sections below. Please refer to the previous post, A Logical Perspective Continued. Corona virus 2020 Update for a full discussion on the subject, which began here 3 articles and over one month ago. The data has begun coming in, the data that will help prove or disprove what has been claimed here all along. As it becomes available however, it seems unbelievable that more members of the media are not picking up on this. Is the public? Does anyone notice that we are watching our own growing test curves in panic? Take the latest US daily figures. The is US is reporting having ramped up to 100 thousand tests per day, and about 30 thousand new COVID-19 cases per day. That is 30% of the tested population! If numbers are anywhere near correct, it is shocking. The data is very spotty, since states such as California are reporting significant backlogs as well. Many people are still waiting days to receive their results. However, if they are anywhere in the ballpark, that is daily positive test results compared to the daily test rate, the results are striking. And unless daily test … Continue reading Coronavirus April 2020 Updates