A Logical Perspective Continued. Corona virus 2020 Update

Share the Light  Tweet          Notes: Includes “EndGame” Section. And additional Update Sections. For a background on the 2020 outbreak, feel free to refer to my first article on the topic, The Truth and some Perspective on Coronavirus and the 2020 Hysteria, written very early in the western media experience of this outbreak, and for a much longer and more detailed look at the virus’ death rates and the hysteria and panic surrounding it, my update, Covid-19 Update. The weakest virus known to man is highly recommended. Now, with some more days of significant data available, I would simply like to provide an update on some of this, without much background, as it is provided in the previous articles, and some additional data supporting some of my other assertions which was not available at the time. The data is quite interesting, still not surprising, and in stark contrast to almost everything being reported. First, let us look at perhaps the most important graphs I provided in my previous update. they were done with data approximately dated March 15th and March 18th. For March 15 data, the following overview was presented: The idea being, that much unlike what you were being told, the … Continue reading A Logical Perspective Continued. Corona virus 2020 Update